Qt Mobility 1.0.2 Released

Its here!
For those in Europe enjoying a well deserved vacation by the side of a pool, or indeed for the rest of us around the world working hard on our projects, the availability of this package should come as very good news.

The team, have worked very hard to ensure that our 1.0.2 package addresses those critical fixes (P0, P1 errors) that we communicated about on our recent alert post.

In short, the more prominent APIs issues were: Location API crashes on Symbian platforms and Sensors API failing on Maemo 5.

So we are very happy/relieved to be able to say that the promised 1.0.2 package has now arrived and can be downloaded from our Qt Solutions webpage.

Also, coming very soon...your chance to download the technology preview release and be the first to try the next set of new APIs!! Not long to wait now at all :)

We hope you enjoy!

Kind regards,
Gerard & Min.

On behalf of the Qt Mobility Team.

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