Qt Mobility 1.1.0 Technology Preview

The Qt Mobility teams are working full steam to bring you new APIs and extend our Qt developer offering.

To that end, we are very pleased to share the Technology Preview of our latest APIs.
This set of new APIs will be matured, with your help, and released later this year as QtMobility 1.1.0.

As you may know, we have also worked hard to resolve issues within the QtMobility 1.0.1 release, and to that end, earlier today we released our 1.0.2 package. While the quality of 1.0 is of the highest importance, we did not want to delay in sharing our drafts here for 1.1, as we believe that sharing early and often with you helps to achieve robust, high quality APIs.

Those longer term veterans understand that the Technology Preview releases are the best opportunity for you to help shape our new APIs before they solidify.

Releasing a Technology Preview early on like this however has some limitations for those reviewing. Specifically, given the early stage of development we have included only minimal backend support. But it is better to release the API drafts early and give you the opportunity to review and contribute before things become too settled.

On the subject of Contributions:
Your contribution toward desktop backends in particular is always most welcome as the program are firstly prioritising mobilie platforms; specifically Symbian and Maemo. (And later this year in Q3/Q4 we change our default development environment to Meego! :) )

Some detail on the logistics of how to go about reviewing this Technology Preview release:
This time round we are introducing 'DevNet' to the process.
DevNet facilitates better API review and communications.
Each of the new APIs will be individually introduced via Wiki on DevNet at http://developer.qt.nokia.com/.
There will also be a forum thread for each API, where you can share your review comments and track progress of the API as it matures toward Beta.
Good eh!? we certainly hope so :)
Also, let us know how you feel about that.

Ok, so whats in the box this time round!?
This Technology Preview contains 8 new APIs and also, in a few cases, some extensions to the existing APIs that were introduced in 1.0.
We are also introducing Qt Quick (QML) bindings for our APIs and several of those too are shared in this preview!

The list is as follows:

  • Service Framework API (Out-of process)
  • Document Gallery API
  • Maps/Navigation API
  • Organizer API
  • Landmarks API
  • Camera API
  • Versit/Organizer API
  • Telephony Events API
  • Feedback API
  • Contacts API
  • You can download the source package from:

    Some APIs have been worked on a little more than others but overall, we believe they are in good shape for you to commence your review. Backend implementation wise, most of the APIs have the Maemo 5 backend which is currently our primary development environment.
    For each API there is an example application that demonstrates usage.
    Please note that Symbian SIS packages are not provided within this technology preview release as the backend is still under heavy development.

    We hope you enjoy this early preview of the ongoing work and as always,
    please continue to contribute, as your feedback is very valuable in helping us get it right!

    Thank you,

    Gerard and Min.
    On behalf of the Qt Mobility Program team

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