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Developer certification is becoming an increasingly vital part of the Qt ecosystem. Today we present some info on the subject as well as a few updates from the certification area of Qt’s neighbourhood.

For those unaware, certification is the process by which Qt developers formalise and prove their skills by taking our examination and becoming a Nokia Certified Qt Developer. Many developers have taken and passed the test, including over 80 new applicants at the KDE Akademy event in Finland last month.

The program is now a widely recognised qualification and the examination is available world-wide at any of the 3000+ authorised Pearson VUE test centres.

In addition to helping developers prove their Qt credentials, certification works for employers too. We have received lots of positive feedback from development and consulting companies telling us that the Nokia Qt Certified Developer Program helps them find developers with proven Qt skills, and also adds value as a selling point when they are pitching their company’s Qt credentials.

Mark Hatch, CEO of ICS, is one of a growing number of industry leaders who believe in the process so much they insist on every Qt developer they employ being a Nokia Certified Qt Developer. He had the following to say when asked about the Nokia Certified Qt Developer Program.

"Our advice to software engineers wanting to advance their career working on Qt is to become a Nokia Certified Qt Developer.” said Mark Hatch.

“It is an industry-recognized qualification that instantly makes a developer more employable and validates their expertise. Qt Certification also adds value for us by allowing us to feel confident in the skills of new employees as well as their initiative to publicly substantiate it.”

Creating certification standards ensures that the Qt community contains quantifiable, measurable standards. It is also making it easier for developers to prove their skills, and for employers to ensure quality among new hires.

Finally, in other certification news, we are happy to announce that our recent Certification Nokia N97 mini promotion has finished, and the randomly selected winners that took (and passed) the exam after coming from qtfr.org, qt-italia.org, qtcentre.org and opendesktop.org have been notified. Congratulations to the winners.

To learn more about becoming a Nokia Certified Qt Developer, visit http://qt.nokia.com/certification

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