Qt Creator 2.0.1

Just before the start of the holiday season on the northern hemisphere, we released Qt Creator 2.0. Now, ten weeks and more than 450 patches later it is time for an update, which can now be found on the download page.

We have been working on improvements mostly in the editors and debugging areas. Czech and Japanese translations have been updated and added back. Also, thanks to the folks at developpez.com, Qt Creator 2.0.1 now has a French translation. Thanks to all the translators for their hard work. Qt Quick support is in this branch still marked "experimental", albeit it should now mostly "just work". On popular request, Qt Creator 2.0.1 ships with the QML visual editor which can be used for simple QML files, but needs to be explicitly enabled.

For those interested in the full set of changes since 2.0, take a look at the change log.

Please report any bugs you find at the bugtracker, not as a response to this post.

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