Qt powers Nokia Siemens Networks’ 'Ubiquity Multiscreen TV'

Our friends at Nokia Siemens Networks have been working on some cool new software that lets people watch TV and use Internet services on almost any device, via any network connection. The coolest part is that it’s all based on Qt!

The product, Ubiquity Multiscreen TV, was launched yesterday at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

Key points from the official product page:

Ubiquity Multiscreen TV is a complete solution for Telco operators or Multi-Service-Providers that goes beyond traditional broadcast TV and mobile TV services.

Using the platform, providers can do some powerful things, including:

• Seamlessly integrate TV content with Internet services like YouTube or Facebook within a single user interface
• Deliver content easily and cost-effectively to any user device, including mobile devices, over any network
• Enable the integration of Qt-based applications, widgets and news services
• Add new functionality to set top boxes and other existing hardware asset

Several tier 1 operators have already selected the Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform, so we hope to see some great new multiscreen goodness coming, all powered by Qt.

We'll let you read more about Ubiquity TV for yourselves, but we are proud to have Qt inside this product. Check the following links if you want to know more about it.

Product page - http://ow.ly/2Cjhj

Announcement - http://ow.ly/2Cjju

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