Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.1 released

We are proud to announce the availability of the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.1 via the usual channels. As the version number indicates, the focus has been on quality and bug fixing rather than adding new features.

None the less, several new releases of the components appeared in the meantime and have been added into the SDK packages. In detail those are

  • Qt Mobility 1.0.2
  • Qt Creator 2.0.1
  • Updated Madde toolchain for development on the N900
  • Added Remote compiler support for the Mac version
  • Updated example and demo section to be more suitable for mobile devices

Furthermore we have added some minor features to the Qt Simulator, which seemed crucial to the users (like missing window flags).

For those of you who have already installed the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.0 you should have received an update notification already and that will push your installation to the new version automatically. If you are aiming for a fresh install, have a look at the download link.

In case you encounter a bug, please insert it in our bugtracker and finally for those of you interested in the changelog, click on read more to see the full list.

Happy Development everyone...

Installer Framework:
- [QTSDK-81] Visual Studio C Runtime installation error on Windows 7 64-bit
- [QTSDK-93] Updater behavior in case of non existing updates
- [QTSDK-98] Fixed Qt Mobility API prf handling for Symbian
- [QTSDK-100] Renamed "Full" installation to "Default"
- [QTSDK-102] Added Open C to Symbian toolchain
- [QTSDK-107] Fixed labelling issue for non existing updates
- [QTSDK-113] EULA and License extracted to installation directory for future reference
- [QTSDK-115] Cleanup of console output of installer binaries
- [QTSDK-122] Added remote compiler to Mac OS version
- [QTSDK-123] Linux installers now use .run extension to ease usage
- [QTSDK-129] Linux installer startup fix for Fedora 13
- [QTSDK-136] Fixed uninstallation bug in offline mode on Linux
- [QTSDK-145] Varargs compile errors on Symbian/GCCE
- [QTSDK-147] Mac OS otool requirement check added
- [QTSDK-148] Remote compiler installation via online installer fixed
- [QTSDK-151] Qt Mobility upgrade to 1.0.2 on all platforms
- [QTSDK-157] Simulator Qt version dependency on MinGW
- [QTSDK-158] Updated TRK version
- [QTSDK-159] Fixed a bug where the updater deleted itself after execution
- [QTSDK-164] Resolved a bug during uninstallation
- [QTSDK-166] Hashing check bug resolved
- [QTSDK-172] Mac OS path installation issue

Qt Simulator:
- [QTSIM-35] Added support for Navigation bar and soft keys
- [QTSIM-42] Added support for QGeoSatelliteInfoSource
- [QTSIM-44] QDialog layout and behavior issues
- [QTSIM-46] Implemented Linux Mobility Multimedia backend
- [QTSIM-58] Triggering SMS via remote control widget non functional
- [QTSIM-60] Make messaging accounts and folders mimic the device configuration
- [QTSIM-61] Qt Simulator does not show softkey area menu
- [QTSIM-63] Add support for setting more orientation settings
- [QTSIM-67] QAction bugfix for soft keys
- [QTSIM-69] Building an application with Sensors support failed on Mac
- [QTSIM-75] Application crashes if MainWindow instantiates a QPushButton after displaying QSplashScreen

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