Qt Mobility 1.1.0 - Beta Package

The Qt Mobility team are happy to announce the availability of our Qt Mobility 1.1 Beta package!

The Qt Mobility 1.1.0 Beta provides a set of new Qt APIs, a number of big enhancements to the existing API and new supported platforms. The new APIs include Organizer, Versit/Organizer, Document Gallery and Feedback. Location API has been extended with Maps and Navigation and Landmarks features. Camera functionality is also now added to Multimedia. And last but not least, Service Framework API now has support for IPC based service invocation.

Mapviewer Demo on Maemo 5

Mapviewer Demo on Symbian^3

In addition we have added QML bindings, which provide an exciting new feature for designers and developers alike. All APIs, where relevant, now have QML bindings! Using Mobility QML binding, it is possible to create more powerful mobile applications with highly animated user interfaces.

Qt Mobility 1.1.0 Beta has also introduced support for the MeeGo platform. This support is currently limited, however as MeeGo is a tier one platform the missing backend components will be completed as soon as they become available.

There’s an important change to note in this Beta release. The Telephony Events API has been removed, and will not be developed further. The decision is based on the fact that the Telephony Events API does not offer any substantial advantage to third party developers. It was created to serve use cases where third party application developers wanted to control the application’s behaviour following a telephony event. While this use case is valid, we believe we need more time to research various other events and telephony domains to see how these use cases may best be met. It was also observed, during the technology preview, that providing limited functionality in an API of such high interest would only cause confusion to the third party developers. Therefore, the current Telephony Events API has been permanently removed from the package.

The QML bindings within the Qt Mobility 1.1 Beta depend on Qt 4.7. The Qt Mobility 1.1 Beta package is available on Symbian platforms using the Symbian SIS package. It also has support for Maemo 5. We don’t have any news about updates for Maemo 5 firmware to communicate at this time, but we will provide information as it becomes available.

You can download the source packages and Symbian SIS package from here.

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