Qt Program Update, week 40

Those who pay attention here will have noticed that "4.7" has disappeared from the headline. We still need to discuss 4.7 related topics in the meetings but we're shifting focus towards 4.8 now.

Today we looked at a very early draft of what eventually will become the scope of Qt 4.8. Various review rounds will have to follow until we have a final version. We have a rough idea which of the ongoing projects will most likely make it into the next release and we are busy adjusting the ambition level.

If this sounds really fuzzy to you, fear not, you're right. That's exactly what it is.

While we're being fuzzy, you could become concrete. Take a look at what's happening in our repos and think about what you would like to see in Qt 4.8. Is there anything you'd like to contribute? Check our bug tracker and vote on your favourite features. And you could subscribe to our open-governance mailing list and join the discussion there.

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