Qt Scene Graph - Round 2

Earlier this year, I wrote a post introducing the qt scene graph project. That project has since then gone dormant, but we’ve been playing around with a fork internally for a while now. The idea is to take the basic structure we had in the scene graph and place QML on top of it.

The repository is available here:

To compile it you need a non-make-installed source build of Qt Master, then download the repository and simply do:
qmake -r

And you should have a QtSceneGraph library in lib and a qmlscene binary in bin. Most plain .qml files run out of the box with qmlscene. I say “most” because we forked QML back in July and are missing a lot of bug-fixes in QML since then and some aspects of focus handling and mouse/keyboard handling is simply missing. The native plugin API is also something that is still being worked on.

As you understand its far from complete yet, but it gives you an idea of what we are researching to see how Qt and QML can better take advantage of graphics hardware. We hope you find it interesting, enjoy!

(update 2010-10-11: URL of project on Gitorious changed.)

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