Call for Babel fishes

We believe that localized content is great and makes life so much easier. Especially if you're trying to wrap your head around something complicated and completely new. We also know that not everybody feels perfectly at home in English. And we know that there are already great things under way. That said, I had an idea.

Why not making a concerted effort and while we're at it, say thanks to those already spending time on it?

Everybody who is native in anything other than English is invited to participate.

I picked two pieces of content that I think are crucial for beginners: Getting Started Programming with Qt and Getting Started Programming with QML. To sweeten the job, I have some goodies to give away.

Here's the deal:

  • the finished translation has to be on the Qt Developer Network's wiki by Dec 1st, tagged "getting started"
  • to participate translators have to send me a message (via the form on my profile) with the URL to their finished translation page and their full home address, including a contact phone number for the shipping company.
  • all translators will receive a Qt DevNet dinosaur t-shirt (that's where the shipping comes in)
  • all translators will receive 500 points to boost their rank on Qt DevNet
  • all translators will enter a raffle to win an N900

It is totally fine and possible to cooperate, you will still get your t-shirt and points and will enter the raffle individually. If more than one translation to a specific language goes in before the deadline I will ask the translators to merge after the draw.

Speaking of translations, we are really happy to see the outcome of a tremendous effort taken by the team at in translating our Documentation and Qt Quarterly articles to French. Great work, les gars!

I am sure that there are more initiatives out there that localize content. If you are involved in one of them, let me know.

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