Qt 4.7.1 Released

Qt 4.7.1 has been released today.

You can download source and binary packages for this release from the Qt Download Page. Alternatively, you can grab the source directly from the public git repository, where the "v4.7.1" tag matches the content of the released packages. The Qt 4.7 documentation has also been updated.

For information on what's changed in this release you can check out the Qt 4.7.1 changelog and the Qt 4.7.1 Closed Tasks in the Qt Bugtracker for a high-level view, or you can dive into the detail by comparing the v4.7.0 and v4.7.1 tags in the git repository.

Many thanks to the those users who reported bugs or submitted merge requests after the 4.7.0 release. Some of that feedback is already incorporated in today's 4.7.1 release and more will be addressed for Qt 4.7.2, which is already in progress. If you would like to provide some feedback on this release, you can do so using the Qt Bugtracker. If you want to contribute code, documentation or autotests to Qt, all the information you need to get started can be found at qt.gitorious.org.

One change I want to highlight for this release relates to the Qt SDK packages. Similarly to the Qt SDK, the new Nokia Qt SDK product, which debuted a few months ago, combines Qt and Qt Creator in one package (along with a number of other useful tools for both desktop and mobile development). It didn't make sense to us to keep shipping two products that support the same set of use-cases. We therefore decided to retire the Qt SDK and use the time we would have spent on producing and testing it to put a little extra effort into polishing the next version of the Nokia Qt SDK, which we expect to release before Christmas. Effectively, the Qt SDK will be merged into version 1.1 of the Nokia Qt SDK.

For those who want to use the latest Qt Creator version (2.0.1) with Qt 4.7.1, you can tell Qt Creator to use the newly-installed Qt version via the Build Settings Dialog.

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