Qt Creator 2.1 Beta 2 Released

Around a month ago we released the first beta version of Qt Creator 2.1. We have not added any significant features since the first beta, and therefore, the Qt Creator 2.1 beta announcement is still a pretty good overview of what is new in Qt Creator 2.1.

After the release of beta 1, the translations into Russian, Polish, Japanese, French and German have been updated. Those translations are for the most part contributed by the community. Thank you! If you want to help translating, see Qt Localization in the gitorious wiki.

Apart from the translation updates, around 250 commits have been made since beta 1, almost all of them fixing bugs. Focus areas were the QML and JavaScript editor as well as deployment to Maemo devices. The debugger also received a lot of fixes. Furthermore, the documentation has been polished, featuring a brand new tutorial on Qt Quick development with Qt Creator.

We think this beta is already very solid, and we are using it for our development.

We welcome any feedback via:

There were countless small improvements to Qt Creator contributed by externals. Thank you!

And last but not least, the actual download link. Have fun. :)

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