Qt Mobility 1.1.0 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Qt Mobility 1.1.0. We are especially proud of this release because of the latest announcement on Nokia’s strategy with Qt and Qt Quick as a primary development framework. QML bindings included in this Qt Mobility release is very well aligned with this strategy and will give you a competitive edge in developing stunning applications.

There are many cool new features in this release, in addition to the aforementioned QML bindings. First of all, the Camera API that extends our Multimedia API. Then there is the Maps and Navigation API is added to Location API and the Nokia Ovi Maps online-maps plugin, which is provided as part of the package! Landmarks API is also added in order that that you can manage POIs on your map.

The release also contains APIs such as the Organizer API and iCal support from Versit/Organizer API. You can create multiple calendars, access an online calendar and send invitations with these APIs.

Our Feedback API allows you to incorporate haptics or other non-tactile feedback with your applications. You can search the contents on your device easily with Document Gallery.

Last but not least Service Framework API now supports the IPC based service invocation.

I would like to mention again the benefit of QML bindings. A lot of common use cases in Qt Mobility APIs are exposed in QML context and ready to be used in your QML applications. We believe that this will reduce the development time significantly and give the designers more power to prototype working applications faster. We will be continue furthering our QML support in future releases. For example, QML finalization to our Maps and Navigation API’s.

We sincerely hope you to enjoy this exciting package!

Update - A Nokia signed sis file is added to the download page. Please use this sis file to override any Mobility binaries that are already installed on a device.

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