Intel AppUp MeeGo contest

Tis the season for many things, including developer competitions. Of note for Qt developers is a MeeGo contest our friends at Intel launched recently as part of their Intel AppUp developer program.

Intel AppUp MeeGo Contest

The contest aims to find the best articles and blogs written by developers as they create their MeeGo application.
There are five categories that each carry a USD $2000 prize, and there’s the bonus for the first 50 valid entries – an 80GB Intel SSD drive.

Qt developers wanting to get involved need to create an abstract about the application and the blog/article that will be written about it, and submit it by December 6. The first 50 valid entries will progress to phase two of the competition, at which point it’s a matter of putting hand to keyboard and documenting the experience of creating the application.

The winners will be judged on December 27. The award categories are
Touch and Gesture - Entry that demonstrates implementing touch, multipoint-touch or gestures in a MeeGo application
Best Coding Sample - Entry that demonstrates a good code sample for developers to learn from or use in their applications
Graphics and UX - Entry that explains how to code good graphics, user experiences for a MeeGo device
Porting - Entry that demonstrates how to port an application or code from one platform to MeeGo
Innovative - Entry that demonstrates a creative, innovative or unique approach or aspect of developing an application for MeeGo

To learn more about the contest visit

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