Qt experts talking to you almost 50 hours on videos! Irresistible!

In the year 2009 we started to spend dedicated effort in recording of Qt Developer Days and got very positive responses from Qt users. Surprisingly, even archived records from the years 2005-2008 found a large audience. People even voted against removing old videos! Sure, we will not do this!

As some of you maybe noted the recordings from the Qt Developer Days 2010 are now online. I just wanted to post this short message that almost all talks are now available as streaming videos under this link. We have got 54 talks running over almost 50 hours in total! Slides are available for download there as well. Unfortunately, the download clips are not there (yet). We struggle a bit with the space: the master clips take almost 30GB! This might kill our FTP space, and after this admins will probably kill me... I do not like to go that far... :-)

And now, my personal highlight. You all know Qt and certainly C++. If your read this blog, you definitely heard about Qt Quick. In the following video Roberto talks about Qt Quick from the perspective of a C++ developer. Enjoy!

(This video is available on our site under this link)

Update (Jan 21, 2011): There was a very high demand (see commments) to get videos in a downloadable form for offline watching. In my original posting I've mentioned potential problems with the large total size of video clips. I got a lot of help solving this! Our admins reacted very quick and enlarged the available space on our server. By now all pages are updated with download links. Be aware that clips are large 200-500MB,but in turn our server supports resumes! Enjoy! I would like to use this chance to thank all people who posted comments with praise for our work! It is great to see this very positive feedback!