Qtapps.org early bird winners

The wPad application

Late last year, qt-apps.org announced a competition challenging people to port their existing free software Qt apps to Symbian and MeeGo. There was a prize of 10,000 Euros for the best app submitted to the Ovi store, and entries that were submitted before December 31 were eligible for one of five early bird prizes.

Well, the five lucky early bird winners have been chosen. Each of them will receive a Nokia N900, T-shirts and a Qt gyrotwister:

  • Quang Pham for 2eat. The application allows users to find restaurants and coffee shops near their current location.
  • Flavio Castelli for making rockmarble. It fetches artist tour dates showing the event location using marble, the virtual globe application.
  • Sandro Giessl for Quassel2Go. It allows you to be permanently connected to one or more IRC networks, without shuffling around information or settings.
  • Lorenz Haas for making qVortaro (mobile). qVortaro is a dictionary reader.
  • Tamás Kőrösi for making wPad. It's a note taking program which supports scalable vector graphics. Strokes can be sent in realtime to an other Instance of the program.


Important competition update - Extended time

Many community developers just heard about the competition the last few weeks. To allow more developers to join the competition, the final deadline for entries has been extended to 31 March.

Oh, qt-apps has more ont the contest and the contestants who have already submitted their applications. Please visit the Qt Mobile Contest page.

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