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Qt at #MWC11

This post is being written from the top of our impressive double decker Qt booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With the Nokia smartphone strategy news, the blog posts, the ensuing responses (Daniel is still filtering through email notifications about comments on his blog post) we haven’t actually had much of a chance to show you what we are doing here in Barcelona, so here is a taste.

Before I go further, I want to reassure you that the discussion about Qt, smartphones and the future will absolutely continue, and our thoughts on it will live here on this blog, so please stay here and tell us your thoughts. For the minute though, we want to show you the good stuff (picture story alert!) our engineers and partners have put together for Barcelona.

The booth concept is to group our demos, products and technologies to make a logical ‘walk through’ experience for someone who wants to get a clear picture of the depth and breadth of Qt on mobile and beyond, grouped into bite size sections.

We have shipping products, as always. Products that are in the market right now, that are built with Qt.

We have a nice showcase of mobile apps, arranged neatly into
1. Qt apps currently selling in Ovi store
2. New, demo Qt Quick apps

The demo apps like Radio Tuner and Magic Bus give you a glimpse of how you can make your UI look with Qt Quick, and how efficient and fast developing with Qt is.

Magic bus running on Symbian and MeeGo

There is some really strong technology showing how Qt and MeeGo can be harnessed in lots of different ways. We have Qt and MeeGo in the home, Qt and MeeGo in automotive, and our new multimedia hub, which by-the-way is up on Gitorious for anyone to look at, use, or do their own thing with (it is under BSD license).

Our partners are here with us, and they have reached new levels with the demos they brought with them this year. We’ll be blogging separately on some of them, starting with Digia’s exciting Mobility API NFC demo.

Code reuse is on show here, with some great demos running beautifully on multiple platforms using large amounts of reused code. Our own developers created Chicken Wrangler, which is perhaps the most chicken-centric cross platform demo app ever created.

Chicken wrangler

Using Qt Quick and Qt Mobility they created a really fun little multi player game that lets different devices (in this case a Maemo N900, a MeeGo N900 and a laptop running linux) talk to each other and have a shared gaming experience. Players wanting to wrangle chickens use sensor and touch based controls on their device to steer the birds around on the bigger touchpad screen, all via Bluetooth.

The Qt SDK 1.1 is getting closer and closer, and we are showing some of its wares here at the show. The large majority of developers here who see the SDK tech preview are giving us very positive feedback about it, which is great.

To sum up, the show so far has been positive for Qt and for we trolls. Given some of the concerns that have been voiced recently it has actually been really good to remind ourselves (and show everyone at MWC) the great stuff we have, and the things like Qt Quick and the Qt SDK which are just around the corner.

So there you have it – much more to come, and we will bring you all the Qt goodness from the show that we can.

Qt at #MWC11

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