Qt at MWC: Qt and Near-Field Communications (NFC)

Shopwizer by Digia

We are continuing our Qt at MWC series. In light of last Friday's announcements we also continue to search for answers that our community is asking. We are not done communicating on that front, however we want to also show what we are doing at Mobile World Congress.

What is NFC?

For those that don’t know, NFC is a hot new technology that will make mobile devices that much more powerful and important in our lives. It gives users the ability to interact with other devices that are nearby. Think about buying a soda from a vending machine simply by waving your phone at it, or printing pictures from your mobile by setting it down on top of your printer. At the show here there are many examples of NFC.

First, what can Qt do with NFC?

Qt and the Qt Mobility APIs make it possible to integrate with stores and more. The upcoming release of Qt Mobility (1.2) features the Connectivity API, which allows NFC enabled phones such as the Nokia C7 to recognise NFC tags.

What are we demonstrating?

Digia, one of our certified Qt partners has produced a nifty demo that previews what Qt can do in the NFC space. They have created an app called ShopWizer that currently runs on a Nokia C7. Applications such as Shopwizer are made possible by this API, and Digia used a technical preview version of the Connectivity API from Qt Mobility 1.2 to build the demo.

ShopWizer enables users to:
1 Discover things to buy in an easy, new & personal way
2 Get advice from buddies during shopping
3 Create and follow your collection of things you want to buy

(one final note - the demo is intended to show some cool future possibilities with the Qt Mobility Connectivity API. Yes it is running on a Nokia C7, but it is a Qt demo, not a Nokia demo. It isn't an indication of what Nokia's plans may or may not be for NFC)

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