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Supporting a new platform

Published on Monday February 28, 2011 by Harald Fernengel in Qt Lighthouse | Comments

Ok, maybe not as exciting as the Android port, but nevertheless - Qt/master now builds and runs [1] on INTEGRITY, a Real-Time Operating System by Green Hills Software. So, if you ever wanted to run your QML app on a ~150 kb micro-kernel, here's your chance :)

If you happen to be close to Nürnberg, come visit us at the embedded world show, where we show a QML app running on INTEGRITY with a decent 40 fps average.

The patches were kindly donated by Rolland Dudemaine, who went as far as implementing a frame buffer and input API in INTEGRITY just for Qt. Many thanks for your contribution, Rolland!

[1] Disclaimer - only the QWS windowing system is currently supported. Some JavaScriptCore patches are still pending for review and are not in Qt/master yet. Contact Rolland if you have commercial interest in running your Qt or Qt Quick application on INTEGRITY.

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