PySide reaches final 1.0.0 release


We know a lot of you are interested in PySide, the set of LGPL-licensed bindings that tie Python to Qt. We know because PySide is the number one wiki topic on Qt Developer Network.

The news today for Qt + Python enthusiasts is good – PySide, the LGPL set of bindings for Qt and Python has just reached final 1.0.0 release.

The final release arrives after a long stabilisation release, and it provides bindings to not only all of Qt 4.7 (including Qt Quick and QML), but also Qt Mobility.

It also contains generator tools for quickly creating new bindings for any C++ bindings.

Congratulations to everyone who has built and contributed to this valuable project.

To see more about PySide and to download the final 1.0.0 release, head to

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