Save the Date – Qt Contributors' Summit

It’s official: we are pleased to announce the first ever Qt contribution-centric event!

On June 16-18 in Berlin, Germany we will be hosting a summit where Qt contributors from around the world can meet to discuss Qt and to plan ways of working together on creating Qt for the future.

As we move forward with our Open Governance project, we believe that by summer it will be about time to put people together in one location. There are many topics to discuss for us, developers already contributing today and those sitting on patches for tomorrow.

The idea is to meet in sessions following an adapted (and partly more structured) un-conference format. Right now, we’re collecting topics that we would like to discuss but there will be plenty of room for suggestions by attendees and ad-hoc sessions.

The Summit is invitation only and here’s a form for you to request your invitation. Please include the contributions you have made to Qt or provide other justification as to why you should come. This isn’t a spectator event!

We will review all requests and come back to you as soon as we possibly can. We don’t want to leave out anybody but we also need to make sure that we actually can get things done and will not be sidetracked. It’s only 3 days after all.

We will soon publish our initial list of topics so you can see what we have in mind and take the opportunity to make suggestions or give feedback.

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