Vive la France! French translations of Qt documentation updated

Some excellent news for French speaking Qt developers came to us this week.

The team at Developpez has completed another large Qt documentation translation project.

Developpez and some members of France's energetic Qt community uploaded over 50 new pages of translated Qt documentation to their website earlier this week, including crucial topics such as QGraphicsItem, QString, Qt Style Sheets Examples.

In addition, their existing French documentation has been migrated to a new Qt 4.7 section. This involved freezing the existing documentation into a 4.6.x area of their site, and then duplicating AND modernising all of it for a new 4.7 section of their site.

In all they now translated over 150 pages of documentation. It is high quality, valuable work that we think deserves public recognition.

So on behalf of everyone at Qt, a big thank you and well done to every person involved in this project. Your work is helping Qt grow and become stronger in French speaking countries, and we hope there are many more milestones like this to come.

Special thanks to the following people, who were instrumental in getting this job done.

Ilya Diallo
Paul Mustière
Maxime Spriet
Cédric Bonnier
Abdelhafid Hafidi
Adrien Morel
Louis du Verdier
Thibaut Cuvelier
Jonathan Courtois

Claude Leloup
Jacques Thery

All of the documentation is live now at Tell your French friends.

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