Qt earth team mix - March 2011

Good day people!

As promised, here comes our monthly release. Please sync your repositories to 7293c6ba0019903417cacb06dbc37f593926ec84 to get all the goodies! (In case you don't know which repository the repository can be found here)
In this occasion we are offering you the following features:

  • QtConfig gained independency from Qt3Support.
  • It is now possible to compile Qt using GCCE with default configure options. WebKit will be automatically disabled.
    1. Download all the prequisites from here except of course qt-symbian-libs, since we want to compile them ourselves.
    2. ./configure -xplatform symbian-gcce && make*
      (*) Pass "-qtlibinfix _myqt" to configure if you want to install on a phone that has Qt preinstalled. This is to avoid needing signing rights to overwrite existing system libraries.
  • Improved performance of mouse event handling on X11-based systems by reducing the amount of synchronous XTranslateCoordinates calls from mapFromGlobal/mapToGlobal while processing incoming mouse events. See fe0e71ae0bc13464ecbcc39b6db9300fc6200779 for details.
  • QLocale branch was merged in.
    1. A separate property returning a list of UI language that should be used for application UI translations. QLocale::uiLanguages returns an ordered list of locale names. Note that this is incompatible change and requires to change applications source codes to make use of the new function call QTranslator t; t.load(QLocale::system(), "myapplication"); QTBUG-7329
    2. QLocale on Linux (and other POSIX systems) now respects LC_* environment variables - i.e. the date/time formats respect LC_TIME, number formatting respects LC_NUMERIC, UI languages for translation respect LANGUAGE and LC_MESSAGES, etc. QTBUG-1313
    3. QLocale supports different writing scripts, e.g. zh-Hans-CN locale for Simplified Chinese in China. QTBUG-17105
    4. Expose first day of the week for a given locale. QTBUG-17089
    5. Expose what is considered week days for a given locale. QTBUG-17088
    6. Added currency formatting functions to format numbers as currency with a currency symbol in an appropriate position. QTBUG-17100
    7. Quote a string using a locale-defined quoting symbols. QTBUG-17096
    8. Join a list of strings with a locale-defined separator. For example for a list of "a", "b", "c" the result would be "a, b and c" QTBUG-17097
  • The default SSL version has been switched from SSL 3 to TLS 1.0. In addition, Qt will send a Server Name Indication header field in its SSL Client Hello message.
  • QNetworkAccessManager now contains convenience API to upload multipart messages over HTTP.
  • A fix to blacklist a set of fraudulent certificates (see here) is being worked on.

As usual, this is our working repository so it might not work for you. Please report any problems you find with this either by leaving a comment or even better by creating a bug in our bug reporting interface here.

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