Video - real Qt apps from Symbian to Android

Espen and Marius at Cutehacks are nice guys. They also happen to be highly renowned ex-trolls - they each spent eight years working at Trolltech/Qt.

Since starting Cutehacks the guys have done lots of interesting work. Today a particularly noteworthy video of theirs surfaced on the internet, showing their weather and flight info apps running perfectly on both a Symbian^3 device and an Android-based Samsung galaxy tablet.

We insert here our standard disclaimer - Android is not an officially supported Qt platform. Efforts to port Qt to Android are driven by the community, with BogDan Vatra's port (which was used in this case) being the most famous example. Regardless, we are always pleased to see developers taking Qt to new places, and this is a particularly compelling example.

Espen mentions in the video that getting the Qt apps working on Android required only three lines of code to be changed. Ever the savvy cross-promoter, he reveals that you'll need to check out their blog to see just how it was done. Savvy.

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