Qt SDK 1.1 RC released

Today we announce the availability of the Qt SDK 1.1 Release Candidate. This is a major step towards the final Qt SDK 1.1, building on the beta we released a couple of weeks ago. The final Qt SDK will allow you to submit your Qt 4.7 based applications to the Ovi Store.
Summarizing the most important updates compared to the beta:

  • Qt 4.7.3 is included for Desktop and Symbian
  • Update to Qt Mobility 1.1.2
  • Qt Assistant added as separate package (due to developer request)
  • Installer can use system proxy on Linux
  • Notification API moved from experimental to “Additional APIs”
  • Several fixes for the Qt Simulator
  • Several fixes for the installation/updating workflow

Furthermore we suggest you read this important article about that Qt 4.7 will not be supported for S60 3rd Edition. Please note that you are still able to create Qt applications for those targets based on Qt 4.6.
Finally, here are the download links for you to try out the Release Candidate. Either download it directly here:

Platform Online Installer Offline Installer
Microsoft Windows 15MB 1,5GB
Linux 32bit 23MB 687MB
Linux 64bit 23MB 690MB
Mac OS-X 12MB 680MB

or on the Forum Nokia pages.

As always, feedback is highly welcomed. Please create an item at our bugtracker at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com if you encounter any troubles or want to share suggestions and ideas. Note that bugs or feedback added as comments to this article might get lost and hence not handled to your satisfaction. Use the bugtracker instead :)

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