Interesting talks at Camp KDE

The fourth North American KDE conference has just concluded in San Francisco. Held in co-location with the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, more than 45 free software developers joined the camp, participating at 16 interesting talks. I will highlight some of the interesting topics, including a link to all the recorded talks.

Jim Zemlin from Linux Foundation had an excellent talk on The State of the Linux Union. He explained where Linux has expanded or even sky rocketed in market shares the last decade. He spoke about how Linux has gained +90% market share in high performance computing and dominating shares on embedded systems and smart phones. It's about future Internet and cutting R&D cost by reusing Linux and other open source products. In the talk, Jim also points out how Linux is redefining personal computing, and the move to services.

Thiago Macieira explained the Qt Open Governance progress and how the development of Qt is moving to open governance. People are welcome to join. The process will be fair, transparent, inclusive and meritocratic. It's about enabling the community to assure its needs are met. Thiago explained the workflow, tooling, the decision making model and roles. There are also interesting questions on how how to bootstrap the open governance operation.

As usual, there are a lot of good technical talks at Camp KDE. Of the talks I saw, I can recommend Ariya Hidayat talking on efficient graphics with Qt and Romain Pokrzywka talking on Kontact Touch on mobile. You can watch the talks at KDE Promo at Youtube.

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