Qt Mobility 1.2.0 Released

Qt Mobility 1.2.0 has been released today. After many hours of design, coding, testing and fixing Qt Mobility 1.2.0 is now officially ready!

This Qt Mobility version brings a number of new features as well as improvements to existing modules. The newest module is Connectivity, which allows easy integration with Bluetooth devices as well as the NFC (Near Field Communication) ready devices. New features, such as result limit hinting for Contacts and network streaming configuration for Multimedia, were also added to existing modules. The minor version bump to 1.2 allowed major modifications such as API additions to QtMessaging, independent object builder for QtServiceFramework, additional sensor support for QtSensors, and many more improvements and bug fixes to all existing Qt Mobility modules. More information can be obtained in the change files as well as through Jira [http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/].

This Qt Mobility version also improves the coverage of plugins for Qt Quick apps with many of the modules now having QML support. This will allow developers to interact directly with modules through the native QML APIs.

Now that APIs are final, they need to be verified for the platform targets and integrated into the Qt SDK. Please note that Qt Mobility 1.2 is created for the upcoming Symbian and MeeGo devices. Targets will be made available accordingly with updates of the Qt SDK.

You can download the source and binary packages here:

MeeGo packages: http://download.meego.com/live/devel:/qt-mtf/Trunk/

You are also able to retrieve the source directly from the qtmobility public git repository [http://qt.gitorious.org/], the 'v1.2.0' tag is now present. The Qt Mobility 1.2 documentation has also been updated [http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.2/index.html].

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently and please enjoy.

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