Earth team mix May 2011

Greeting earthlings,
Thanks to everybody that follows our releases, we are very happy that you find our monthly releases useful. For this month we have the following features:

  • QUuid optimizations:
    • QTBUG-19418. Optimize QUuid::toString() and relevant, circa 20 times faster than before on the test machine.
    • QTBUG-19419. Add QUuid::toByteArray() and relevant, same behavior with QUuid::toString().
    • QTBUG-19420. Add QUuid::toRfc4122() and fromRfc4122(), provide interfaces by following the RFC-4122, kudos to Robin Burchell.
  • QNetworkProxyQuery is extended with an optional QNetworkConfiguration field.
    The correct proxy configuration is likely to be different for different bearers.
    For example, on a mobile phone, the mobile network operator's proxy configuration is different to the proxy configurations on the various WLAN networks you may connect to.
    Currently only the symbian proxy factory uses this parameter, but it is initialised when using QNetworkAccessManager with a QNetworkConfiguration on any platform.
  • Added support for C++0x lambda in QtConcurrent::run().
  • QTBUG-18426. QHostAddress.toString() follows RFC-5952 for IPv6 address format.

And of course a lot of bugfixes:

  • QTBUG-19164
  • QTBUG-18618
  • QTBUG-17223
  • QTBUG-18795
  • QTBUG-18799
  • QTBUG-18138
  • QTBUG-18713

So, sync to 2b624ceaecbe3b795c20e4600bcf3bd1bb20f548 and enjoy our May release!
As usual, please report any problems using our bug reporting system at, and please indicate that the issue happened in the earth team release. Alternatively you can leave a comment, however we would prefer to have a task because it makes our lifes easier :-).