Tell us what you think - Take the Qt SDK survey, earn points and win a device

We powered up our vintage ‘download-o-matic’ mathematical robot this morning and made it crunch some numbers on how many people have downloaded our new SDK.

After several minutes of mechanical chugging and robot sounds it produced a dot matrix printout showing how many people have downloaded the Qt SDK 1.1 since it launched a few weeks ago.

The results (and the robot is never wrong about these things) were pleasing. A large number of people, even larger than we expected, have downloaded the SDK. We also know from talking to developers that lots these downloaders are actively using it.

Now that we know lots of you out there are using the new SDK, we want to hear your thoughts about it. Our motive is simple – if we know more about what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want, it increases our chances of making subsequent releases even better.

We actually don’t even mind if you haven’t used the new SDK yet. If you are using or have used any Qt SDK we are interested in hearing from you.

It’s a straightforward survey that will be available for a few weeks. We are so interested in hearing your opinions that we will give every survey respondent 250 Qt Developer Network points for their account.

Even better than this, we will be giving five lucky developers who respond to the survey a Nokia Qt developer device - and it is NOT an N900 or a Symbian device (note that we are not setting a date for this - we must wait for the device to be announced :) ).

So…you have some good reasons to tell us about your experience with the Qt SDK. We’d love to hear what you think and what you want added, removed, changed and improved. If you haven’t used the new SDK yet, why not download it now and fill out the survey once you’ve tried it out.

UPDATE: The survey has now been closed.

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