A QML Presentation System

When I was preparing for Qt Developer Days last year, I started out with an unnamed tool to create my presentation and was annoyed with some of its shortcomings. At the time, I decided to do my slides in QML instead, partially to learn it a bit better and partially because I thought it would be kinda cool. I have since then simplified it a bit and by now I have something that I personally find useful, so maybe someone else will too. It's all QML and JavaScript, so no compilation required.

Repository is here: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/qml-presentation-system
All .qml files use import QtQuick 2.0 so you need a fresh build of Qt 5 with the "qtquick2" branch of qtdeclarative-staging

And here is a video walking through the tutorial and examples in the repository.

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