Qt Contributors' Summit - update wk 22

Now that I am back from the MeeGo conference in San Fransisco, it feels even shorter: the summit is approaching fast - only 3 more weeks to go! Time to reveal some details on the current state of affairs.

After closing registration, I now have some solid numbers. More than 250 attendees have registered leaving us at an almost 50/50 of Nokia employees and non-Nokia folks. Furthermore, we were able to sponsor trips to Berlin and/or related accommodation for 26 community members.

Everyone who has registered online should have received their confirmation email by now. In case you didn't, you probably didn't make it onto my list for some (probably browser related) reason. Send me an email and I will fix it.

I finished the timeline for the schedule (which you can find here), the grid is ready to be (partly) filled in for those attending. Hanne has coordinated the training sessions which will be recorded and published afterwards for later reference. For late night coding and/or chatting we will have a hacker lounge open during the night with free drinks, plenty of power outlets, wifi and comfy sofas and chairs.

We have the keynotes lined up and for the social event on Thursday night I could book a special act: our very own infamous Trollband!

Now the ball is mostly in the attendee's court to join discussions, document the outcome and generally socialize among fellow Qt'ies. I'm starting to look forward to the event. :)

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