Qt Contributor Summit: Day 1

Morning session, Qt Contributors' Summit

The Qt Contributor Summit is now fully underway and the sparks are already starting to fly. This morning we began our summit with introductions from Alexandra Leisse, followed by Sebastian Nyström providing an overview as to why Nokia was so supportive of Qt and open governance.

Following Sebastian, Lars Knoll gave the crowd an overview of our Qt 5 thinking as well as an overview of the governance model that was agreed. As this is the kick-off for our open governance work, we wanted to stress that this isn't the definitive Qt 5 plan, only our thinking around it. The next three days will more thoroughly flesh out what Qt 5 is.

The final item in our Qt Contributor Summit keynote presentations was an extensive roundtable question and answer session. Lars and Sebastian were joined by our legal counsel Cristy Hamley and our open governance guru, Thiago Macieira as well as Tuukka Turunen from Digia, who was representing Qt Commercial. This Q&A lasted over an hour with lots of thought provoking questions and discussions leading to better alignment of the audience on the current state of Qt, open governance, and Digia's involvement in the process.

After lunch we moved into the sessions and the real meat of the conference.

Afternoon topics, Qt Contributors' Summit

Braving the heat of the day, our intrepid community charged into discussions around all manner of Qt-related discussions. A complete list of what was discussed is available on Qt DevNet

Tonight we have a nice dinner planned and a rocking evening with the Troll band.

Based on what I have heard so far, here is a breakdown of the feelings from the event:

+ Good Q&A session
+ Rock solid wireless (thanks Digia for the sponsorship!)
+ Great sessions
+ Generally great vibe with loads of interaction
+ Seeing Qt running on Android devices and iPads

- Air conditioning not able to keep up with the heat (thanks Intel for sponsoring the soda!)
- Some trouble finding the rooms (map now available in reception)

Looking forward for Day 2!

PS Special thanks to Volker for baking muffins for the crowd! They were tasty

That would be Qt running on an iPad

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