Introducing MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan to the Qt SDK

Today an update has been pushed to the Qt SDK providing the following content:

  • Qt Creator 2.2.1: This is mainly a bug fix release. For more information, read the release blog here.
  • MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan: The Qt SDK now contains experimental toolchains and other experimental components to create MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan apps. This feature is available on all supported development platforms by the Qt SDK, meaning Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

Please note that the support for MeeGo Harmattan is not fully completed yet, it is located inside the experimental section of the installer or updater. Hence support will not get installed automatically, on a fresh installation you need to select the custom mode and enable those components manually. Afterwards you will have everything set up and automatically registered to Qt Creator, including documentation and emulator images.

For those of you, who have a running instance of the Qt SDK already, open the SDK Maintenance tool and find the MeeGo Harmattan target inside the experimental selection and simply post-install it to your environment.

If you decide to download the offline installers, we want to inform you about a couple of updates here. Due to the amount of feedback we received on the size of the offline installers, we needed to remove some parts to keep the packages at the same size. So from now on, the offline installers will not contain any Visual Studio 2005 components anymore. Furthermore the N900 setup is not included. However, they are still available in the online installers. Also you can be postinstall those after using the offline installation.

Following here are the download links:

Platform Online Installer Offline Installer
Microsoft Windows 15MB 1.7GB
Linux 32bit 23MB 1.0GB
Linux 64bit 23MB 1.1GB
Mac OS-X 12MB 1.0GB

Those files are also available on the Nokia Developer webpages.

If you encounter any troubles, please file a bug report at: to the according categories.


Update: Thank you for all the comments so far. We would like to point you to the release notes of the Harmattan target as well, as those contain some important information like solution to problems found so far.

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