Qt’s future for Nokia: Bringing apps to the next billion.

Exciting news for the Qt community today: this morning Nokia confirmed that Qt will be a core component in the Nokia strategy to bring apps to the next billion, reassuring developers that investments made in Qt today can live on in the future with Nokia.

This will mean mobile Qt developers can benefit from the strong momentum Qt apps have on the Ovi store (with over 100 million Nokia Qt-enabled Symbian devices around the world) as well as to continue to have a large addressable target audience in the future.

Other great news for Qt developers: The exciting new Qt-powered Nokia N9 device running Linux (MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan) was announced today, providing more opportunities for Qt app developers in 2011 - Experimental MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 target added to the Qt SDK.

Qt’s momentum has been growing dramatically over the past few months:

  • In May we saw record number of Qt downloads! The use and interest of Qt has never been higher
  • Major upgrade to the Qt documentation, making Qt easier to use. Public testing on-going at the Qt Developer Network
  • Last weeks successful Qt contributor Summit and progress of the Qt 5 project
  • Qt Developer Days pre-registration will open up for Munich and San Francisco - today. Qt Developer events are also scheduled for China, Taipei and Tokyo in December, stay tuned for more information.
  • Cooperation with Digia is bearing fruit. Digia is going to make Qt 4.6.4 available also for open source developers in the coming weeks.

So by now having a clearer understanding of why Nokia continues to invest in Qt, the short- and long-term opportunities for developers using Qt increase. A big thank you to our Qt community including Digia for helping to ensure Qt becomes better and continues to grow!

Daniel Kihlberg, Director Qt Ecosystem

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