Qt-apps.org mobile app porting contest – the winners

Qt-apps.org dedicate their efforts towards promoting and distributing free software Qt applications.


As well as promoting desktop innovation and applications for environments such as KDE, the team recently created the Qtest Mobile App Port Contest, which challenged their community to port their free software Qt apps to mobile platforms.

The contest resulted in some high quality submissions, and the winners have now been selected.

The grand prize of 10,000 euros went to community bike application Lugdulo’V.
Over 110 cities with bike sharing or city bike programs are covered by Lugdulo’V, and the app allows users to find stations with available bikes, and more importantly, stations with vacant slots for bike return (no more ‘ride back to where you came from because there were no slots available at your destination’).
Congratualtions to the team behind this porting effort.

The following second place winners received a Qt-enabled Nokia device for their efforts.
Kontact Touch – an email and groupware client for touchscreen devices such as tablets, smartphones and netbooks. The application runs on Maemo and MeeGo.

Polka Touch – A port to MeeGo of the Polka human address book

Piano Chord Finder – A lovely visual representation of how to play piano chords, for Maemo.

Geeky Avatar – an app for Symbian that lets users create cool avatars with literally billions of unique combinations possible.

Smoke Life – An app designed to encourage smokers to quit, based on a calculation of their age and smoking habits.

All of the winning submissions are available for download on Qt-apps.org and MeeGo-Central.org. Because these applications originated as desktop apps, most of them have desktop versions available too.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and to Qt-apps.org for this excellent promotion of free software Qt applications.

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