Qt Meetups Everywhere

I’ve always been a great fan of mini-conferences, code sprints or other kinds of gatherings around a certain topic or activity (maybe apart from dugnads but that’s another story). It’s nice to meet others who share our interests and have a chat in relaxed surroundings. There is a lot to learn and maybe even some friends to make.

And it’s fun, obviously. Even more so if it involves food…

We were looking for a way we could help make it easy for Qt people to organize their own Qt-related gatherings in their part in the world. Our groups and forums were an option, however the audience is limited. Consequently, I went out to find a proper online solution.

Enter Qt Everywhere Meetups

The idea of Qt Everywhere Meetups is to make it easy for people in the Qt community to find each other and then arrange social things so they can meet, chat and catch up about Qt stuff.

Anyone can easily join or start a Qt Meetup by looking for an existing group nearby and joining their meetup, or simply by setting up a new local group and arranging something.

A Qt Meetup can range from three people meeting over a beer to a BBQ in the park that involves whole families, to a fully-fledged seminar-like evening, with sponsored food and drink. Anything goes; it’s up to you.

To get the ball rolling, I set up a first global Meetup-Day on July 15th.

Some of our Ambassadors have started groups in their areas already and they’re ready for you to join.

And wouldn’t it be nice to repeat these meetings on a regular basis? I surely think so.

PS Tell us if you are arranging something, we might be able to help. And we love hearing about Qt people meeting each other, so don’t be afraid to tell us and the world all about your meetup, upload photos to Flickr, tweet or blog about it etc. We’re really curious!

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