Qt Developer Days registration is now open - Benefit from Nokia strengthened commitment to Qt

Registration is now open for Qt Developer Days 2011!

Munich hosts the first event, October 24-26, followed by San Francisco, November 29 – December 1. We also plan for regional events in Beijing and Tokyo in December - more details and cities to come.

In the last weeks, positive news about the future of Qt have been released:

Nokia is committed to Qt, and being a skilled and certified Qt developer offers additional opportunities for you now and in the years to come.

Qt Developer Days is also very much about all industries’ use of Qt and is the key place to learn about Qt and meet other Qt enthusiasts. The use of Qt is moving full steam ahead and the successful use of Qt in various types of desktop and embedded projects in multiple industries continues.

Already at Qt Developer Days last year we noticed a strong interest in embedded Linux developments with a focus on more advanced Qt based GUIs. I expect this trend will continue. With the inclusion of Qt in Ubuntu 11.10, Qt Developer Days will also be interesting to Ubuntu app and device UI developers in addition to those developers using Qt shipped in other open source Linux distro's such as Debian, Fedora, Mandriva (in Brazil), openSUSE, Red Flag (in China), Red Hat as well as ALT (in Russia) to mention a few.

This year’s Qt Developer Days will cover current and future use of Qt including Qt 5, next generation of Qt Quick, and of course the stunning new Qt-powered Nokia N9.

Naturally, Qt Developer Days 2011 offers:

  • Time with experienced Qt engineers and Qt partners to answer your head-scratching development issues for Qt on desktop, embedded and mobile
  • Qt Training day to get up-to-speed with Qt, quickly
  • 50+ technical sessions
  • Qt-in-use case study sessions
  • Partner and Qt Ambassador exhibition with Qt apps and Qt-powered devices
Register now to enjoy early bird, bring a colleague and other group discounts.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the events!

Daniel Kihlberg,
Director, Qt Ecosystem

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