Qt Quick 3D Tutorial-Video


I thought it's time for a new Quick3D-HowTo-Video. It's been some time since the last one was posted.
This time the video is more technical and less religious ;)
I've nothing against Monkeyism, but let's be honest, devoted penguins are one thing, though the real stuff is cars, cars, cars!
I stumbled across a few bugs and missing features, namely QTBUG-20729, QTBUG-20731, QTBUG-20460.
However, all of them could be easily worked around by slicing the 3D model into smaller portions.
The video shows exactly how to do this right!
Another issue: models aren't always rendered as they should be.
For example colors are totally wrong, textures missing or parts of the car aren't where they should be.
Admittedly, this is more about the world being a flawed place but anything else.
This could be observed in Blender as well as in Qt Quick 3D - and is always a problem when formats aren't fully standardized.

Yet after finding and slicing a suitable model, the rest was definitely a smooth ride - and great fun to develop!

Enjoy the video!


The code can be found on gitorious.org

And in case you need help or have further questions, take a look at the Qt Quick 3D Documentation and join the Qt Quick 3D mailing list

Very much looking forward to your comments and feedback!

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