9 Million downloads a day and Belle. Why the opportunity with Nokia is growing for Qt developers

Qt’s positive impact for smartphone users in the form of better looking UIs and great Qt apps in Ovi store is becoming more evident.

Nokia 600

We see the numbers. We know Qt mobile app download numbers are growing every week. There are now 100+ Million smartphones in people’s hands capable of running Qt applications. After we introduced the new Qt SDK in May and shared the news that Qt will be a core component in the Nokia strategy to bring apps to the next billion mobile phones, the submission of Qt apps to the Ovi Store has catapulted!

Nokia users now rack up more than 9 million downloads every day from the Ovi Store ,and many of these apps such as recent award winners  Sparkle and ShutterPro Premium are made with Qt.

Qt on Symbian. Belle UI a new chapter for Symbian
Increased user appreciation of Qt apps and the new and much improved Symbian Belle update offer benefits to Nokia users and Qt mobile developers.

1) In time, users will be able to upgrade existing Symbian smartphones such as Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C6-01 to the new Belle UI. The new user experience combined with more native Qt apps make these phones much more attractive and sets the bar for Qt applications higher than ever before

2). Three new Nokia smartphones, the Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701, were recently announced.

They feature Symbian Belle, CPU speeds of up to 1Ghz and improved graphic processors/memory. Combining better hardware capabilities with improved capabilities inside the Qt SDK such as the new ready-made Qt Quick UI components make it easier than ever to create great apps for your own and others’ delight.

It is also important for you to know that Nokia has announced plans to launch more new Symbian smartphones and to support the platform until at least 2016.

Qt on Nokia N9, a new chapter for Linux
On the mobile Linux side of things, the beautiful Nokia N9 has Qt baked into its DNA and we really look forward to it hitting the market and adding yet another device for you as a Qt developer to target.

Qt Developer Days, a new chapter for you?
The eighth consecutive year of Qt Developer Days is for every open source or commercial Qt developer, regardless of which platforms you are interested in. In addition to the comprehensive, cutting edge Qt desktop and embedded sessions at the event (we have added tracks – there are more desktop and embedded sessions than ever before), we are also offering special Nokia mobile training and sessions outlining how you can benefit from the wide range of possibilities Qt enables in general and with Nokia. Explore the Tech Track 

Developers can take advantage of our early bird pricing offer by registering now for Munich in October or San Francisco in November.

To summarize:

Qt Quick, ongoing improvements such as Symbian Belle and beautiful Qt-based products like the Nokia N9 are examples of the exciting mobile Qt opportunities available already today. With Qt for the next billion, there are also compelling opportunities for tomorrow.

With factors such as the 9 Million downloads a day in mind, I believe that using Qt to serve the needs of Nokia users around in the world is something you as a Qt developer can benefit greatly from.

I also believe the use of Qt in 70+ other industries and the huge variety of Qt-powered screens people encounter every day has a lot of potential. Leveraging a combination of the two - Nokia mass market use of Qt and the widespread use of Qt in desktop and embedded products, UIs and applications everywhere - can be a new opportunity for all of us. And I welcome your views on the possibilities this enables.

I look forward to meeting up with you at Qt Developer Days as well as at our Qt events in Beijing and Tokyo during December.

Daniel Kihlberg,
Director Qt Ecosystem


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