Release day! Qt SDK update, Qt 4.7.4, Qt Creator 2.3 and more

It has been a big and busy week already. Last week’s announcement of Symbian Belle and the Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 was very good news for Qt mobile developers.

Daniel’s blog post on the subject started a lively discussion, and it has been good to see such spirited debate – we want to have conversations with you on this blog, so keep the comments and questions coming.

If last week’s excitement wasn’t enough, today we have more good news. Today we released updates of Qt, the Qt SDK with Qt Simulator, Qt Creator and more (according to our @qtbynokia team, today is “Qt Mega Release Day”).

The detail on each part of today’s release, including links to all of the downloads, is on Qt Labs. Well done and thanks to everyone who contributed to these important releases, and to those who pushed the releases out earlier today.

Finally, a reminder. If you want to talk, learn, or share knowledge with the developers behind these updates and behind Qt programs like Qt 5 and Qt Quick, Qt Developer Days in Munich and San Francisco is the place. Each year the event is the foremost gathering of Qt knowledge, expertise,and community, and it is going to grow in size and diversity again this year.

We have more tech track sessions on desktop and embedded than ever before, smarter scheduling, fantastic keynotes from Canonical, Intel and Telecom Italia (more on this soon) great training training tracks, and a lot more.

Our early bird discount offer is still open, but won't be open for much longer. If you are thinking about joining us at the event this year, registering now will secure you a spot at the event AND save you money :)

We’ll have more Qt Developer Days news soon on the Qt blog.

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