Qt Creator 2.3.1 released

A Qt Creator 2.3.1 patch release is now available through an Qt SDK update and as updated Qt Creator - only packages.

The release fixes a range of bugs, e.g. mixed C++/QML debugging could fail because a wrong gdb was choosen for the C++ debugging part, there where several debugging issues with CODA 4.0.23, and an update to the Harmattan application template in the light of the updated Harmattan target that is included in the Qt SDK update, to mention a few random ones.

Check out the changelog here, or the latest 3 1/2 dozen commits in our full commit log :)

If you are using the Qt SDK, it should notify you about the update, or you can go to the usual download pages on developer.qt.nokia.com or qt.nokia.com/downloads and get the Qt Creator - only version.

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