XCode 4 support has been added to Qt

Today, I submitted a merge request to Nokia that completes and makes available the XCode 4 support that was previously available to customers as a patch for Qt 4.7.x.  The patch itself will be included in the Qt 4.8.0 RC release as released by Qt Commercial and also in the final  release as well.  An updated patch will be made available to customers for usage against Qt 4.7.x too.

By contributing the patch back to Nokia we are continuing to be a good citizen in the open source community enabling the open source users of XCode 4 to be able to use the IDE that is available for Mac OS X Lion 10.7.

In addition to enabling usage of XCode 4 to build and debug projects generated by qmake it also fixes a number of problems that existed with projects generated for XCode 3 too.  The bugs reported in the Qt Bug Tracker that are fixed are QTBUG-21439, QTBUG-17247 and QTBUG-7953.

If you are a Qt Commercial customer and find any problems with XCode support, please use the customer portal to report issues as this will ensure priority is given to your issues.  If you are not a Qt Commercial customer, please report the issue via the Qt Bug Tracker where I will monitor the reports from time to time.

See the merge request here: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/merge_requests/1413


Andy Shaw
Head of Qt Commercial Support

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