Qt Contribution Day at Qt Developer Days

The Qt community team has invited key Qt contributors to a Qt Contribution Day, which will happen in parallel with day one of Qt Developer Days Munich (October 24) and San Francisco (November 29).

The main goal of the days is for contributors to adapt and increase contributions to the Qt 5.X branch.

Pre-Dev.Days Code Sprint in Munich 2010

In Munich mostly KDE and Qt Webkit contributors have been invited, including Digia and some Qt maintainers. We are doing a similar day (unconference format) in San Francisco, inviting US-based developers who contribute to Qt. It's a short trip to Dev Days especially from the Bay Area.

Unconference style

The Contribution Day will be organized in an unconference style, as we did at Qt Contributors' Summit in Berlin this summer. It's a really efficient way of self organized talks and highly productive Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions.

Co-organizers are KDE contributors who work on KDE Frameworks 5.0, with the goal of making KDE's libraries something that Qt developers can and will use. As with the Qt Webkit integration and Phonon, there is great potential of making library parts originated in KDE part of Qt. There are many steps to get there of course, and these Contribution Days are one of those steps.

I'm really looking forward to being at Qt Dev Days this year. Not only to listen to what Nokia developers have made the past year, but also what the larger community is working on, getting more contributions to Qt with exciting and convenient stuff.

Oh, not to forget. KDE is organising a pre-Developer Days code sprint too, at the Nokia Qt development office in Munich. There are no spots left for the Qt Contribution Day in Munich, and we are currently filling up the spots for Qt Contribution Day in San Francisco.

I hope I meet you at Dev Days!

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