New Qt SDK release with significant Nokia N9 Harmattan and Symbian improvements. Nokia store now at 10M+ a day downloads.

The momentum from Qt Developer Days in Munich continues. The dust has barely settled and we are at another major Qt milestone. In addition, I expect Qt 4.8 in time for Qt Developer Days in San Francisco combined with further improvements in the Qt IDE: Qt Creator.

The releases are another step in Nokia’s continuing efforts to make Qt even better for mobile platform development. The new Qt SDK 1.1.4 brings major stability, performance, and functionality improvements for the much improved Nokia N9 Harmattan target as well as the Qt 4.7.4 “bundle” for all Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, and Symbian Belle smartphones.

You now have better tools than even before as well as a large installed base of modern Symbian phones and the Nokia N9 to target with Qt apps; Nokia store now attracts more than 10 million downloads a day…

For Qt on Symbian, the release offers closer integration of Qt into the Symbian operating system services. Qt graphics system, split view keyboard, and support for Symbian Belle UI features are all included. In particular the improvements with regard to the Qt Quick Components 1.1 and Qt Quick 1.1 modules are significant – and will truly ease and speed up development.

The Qt 4.7.4 release bundle for Symbian contains:

With regard to the Nokia N9, the Qt SDK Harmattan target is now a full release and installed by default. Other visible changes are the evolution to a single unified sysroot (no tools-level distinction between Platform API and its more productised subset), a single target (with debug and release flavours of the build), and major up-dates to the documentation.

You will find specifics about today’s releases at Qt Labs and, which have extensive information about the benefits the releases bring.

I will be at Qt Developer Days in San Francisco (29 November), before traveling on to our Qt conference in Beijing (12 to 13 December) and I’m looking forward to learning more about how you use Qt and how the Qt Project can be improved. For those of you that started developing with the Nokia N9 after Qt Developer Days in Munich – some of the more common asked questions and answers about development can be found here.


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