Qt SDK 1.1.4 update available

We are happy to announce that a new update for Qt SDK is published.

This 1.1.4 update of Qt SDK is very much focusing on bringing the SDK build targets to the level of the latest Symbian devices and the Nokia N9. It means that you can now start developing apps for these devices using:

  • Qt 4.7.4 / Qt Quick 1.1 introducing among other things, right-to-left and pinch area support. These things are also supported by today's Qt Quick Components 1.1 update. More about that and other features in Sami's blog post.
  • Qt Mobility 1.2 which introduces new NFC (near field communication) and Bluetooth APIs, as well as quality improvements to the existing APIs.

These APIs have been available for some time in the experimental MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan tool chain, but we have now removed the experimental status, and also updated it once again to comply with the latest, up-to-date device image.  There are also quite a few quality improvements included. Note also that there is now only one target consolidating also the earlier separate Harmattan Platform API target. Please check the documentation and the blog post for more details.

For app development for Symbian devices we have added Qt 4.7.4 for Symbian Anna target which is generally applicable for application development for all the Symbian Anna and Belle devices. For developers needing access to Symbian Belle API we also have updated the recently added beta level Qt 4.7.4 for Symbian Belle target. This Symbian Belle specific target as well as the earlier Qt 4.7.3 based S60 5th edition target are included in the online installers only. This way we were able to keep the default installation cleaner and emphasize the primary targets. For more information about the target and SDK version selection, please refer to the SDK documentation and Aleksi's blog.

If you already have Qt SDK installed, you can update to the latest version by running Update Qt SDK from the Qt SDK application folder on your computer. If you first time are getting started with Qt SDK, you can download 1.1.4 using the installers in below.

Platform Online Installer Offline Installer
Microsoft Windows 15MB 1.6GB
Linux 32bit 23MB 1.3GB
Linux 64bit 23MB 1.3GB
Mac OS-X 12MB 1.2GB


Nokia Developer also offers the updated installers on their Qt SDK website.

If you encounter problems, please file a bug report at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com.

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