Qt Commercial Formally Supports QNX

Many of us Digian Qt-ties are getting ready for the first day of Qt Developer Days San Francisco 2011. As the fog clears from what is a very foggy morning in the Bay area, we, together with QNX, are happy to formally announce Qt Commercial's support for the QNX Neutrino Real Time Operating System.


This means that  Digia, Qt Commercial has extended its primary platform support to include QNX Neutrino. Qt Commercial support for the QNX Neutrino RTOS will be available with the Qt Commercial 4.8.1 release in Q1 2012; the beta-level implementation for QNX Neutrino is already in Qt Commercial 4.8.0 and will be released before year end. Make sure to read the full announcement here.


Let me give you a little background on the QNX port. An initial QNX Qt port was done by the Nokia Qt engineering team in 2009. Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc., a Qt Certified Partner and a QNX Partner with broad Qt development knowledge operating in North America, greatly improved the community-supported QNX efforts, adding functionality and creating an enhanced port.


“QNX has had great success across many verticals including medical and automotive. With ICS's port of Qt to QNX, Qt developers now have a first class port of Qt, including support for QML, that has successfully passed the standard Qt platform test suite,” said Peter Winston, CEO of ICS. “ICS stands ready to help developers implement their unique solutions with Qt Commercial on QNX.”


The Qt on QNX development community can count on a well-established Qt-expert partner network that, along with Digia, can enable successful development projects. ICS and KDAB, also a Qt Certified Partner, have extensive Qt development expertise and vast know-how on QNX and applications leveraging the latest Qt functionality. Qt developers choosing to standardize on QNX can rest assured that Digia, ICS and KDAB can provide them with the Qt development services capabilities they need to make their deployment successful.  Yippie!


Check out the QNX blog post and a very nifty Qt on QNX medical demo here.


In September 2011, Qt Commercial also announced formal support for the INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System. Being able to also announce primary support for QNX further advances Qt's cross-platform strategy to make Qt available on as many operating systems as possible. We are spreading Qt love to all developers.


Read the full Qt Commercial and QNX announcement here.


If you are in San Francisco this week, make sure you come by our booth at Qt Developer Days. Learn more about our future supported platforms, our added features and functions on top of Qt, our role in Qt 5 and much more, by attending our "Qt Commercial Added Features and Functions" Breakfast Seminar on Thursday, December 1st.