Call for Qt on Raspberry Pi Mentors

We are impressed by the speed, depth and breath of the response to our call for Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi projects. We have more than 400 candidates for the 400 boards we expect to have as soon as the Raspberry Pi Foundation is ready! The list is growing, and if you have an idea in mind we still encourage you to apply.

But your question is: am I getting one? When will I know?

Rajiv, co-maintainer of this project, has a proposal on how to proceed. It solves not only the problem of deciding who gets one, but also answers other reasonable questions:

  • How do we bootstrap this project in a sustainable way?
  • How to minimize the risk of duplicated work, missed shots, people lost?
  • How to make it more productive and fun for those getting boards and those not getting them yet or from us?
  • How to promote novices to get involved as well as experts?
  • (and more worries we have, but this is getting boring)

So here is the proposal: articulate the distribution of boards around development areas driven by mentors, and involve those mentors in the selection of fortunate developers.

Good examples of mentors can be Qt Project maintainers and approvers, professionals working full time in Qt related projects, open source developers with a community reputation.

We expect the areas proposed to fit within these layers for Raspberry Pi:

  • Qt 5 App development projects: ports of existing apps and creation of new ones.
  • Qt 5 framework development, testing, optimization - This includes Qt Quick, Qt WebKit and documentation.
  • Enhancing the SDK, which is based on Qt Creator.
  • Platform development: Linux Kernel, Graphics and Multimedia enablers and other dependencies of Qt 5 and the SDK.
  • Promotion of the projects through video production and blogging.

Apply to become a mentor

Just go to this page and tell us in a couple of lines and links who you are, which area you can mentor and some examples of projects proposed that could fit in your area.

You need to have time available to facilitate the activity around your area. You shouldn't be the only one doing the work, but you will be the one setting the initial level and getting new contributors on board.

All mentors will be announced by the end of December 7th. These mentors must create a wiki page specific to their area and must select the candidates to be accepted by the end of December 12th.

Mentors and participants will receive the instructions to get the boards after being accepted.

Please be fast. We want to get these 400 boards to their new owners asap!

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