Qt Commercial 4.7.5 Released

I am happy to announce the release of Qt Commercial 4.7.5. Based on Qt 4.7.4,  the new release contains the previously unreleased fixes from the Qt 4.7 branch, back-ported fixes from Qt 4.8, as well as new fixes done by Digia. With an overall amount of 216 improvements from 4.7.4, Qt Commercial 4.7.5 is a solid patch release for those who cannot move their projects to 4.8.

With most of the development focus already in Qt 4.8 and Qt  5.0, we wanted to extend the lifetime of the 4.7.x series for those customers who still want to stay with Qt 4.7. In our customer survey, many Qt Commercial customers indicated that they prefer stability and maturity over new features. To better serve these customers, we have created Qt Commercial 4.7.5.

There were some good fixes already available in the Qt 4.7 branch, which we were able to include in the new release. In addition, we went through the list of important fixes for problems reported in Qt 4.7 but fixed in 4.8 and back ported many of those. We also included a set of documentation improvements from Qt Commercial 4.8.0. We have also fixed the WinCE support, which was accidentally broken in 4.7.4 (sorry again for that one). As always with a patch release, 4.7.5 is binary compatible with the Qt 4.7 series.


Here are some Qt Commercial 4.7.5 release statistics:

  • Overall 216 fixes and improvements compared to Qt Commercial 4.7.4 release
  • 153 important functionality fixes and 63 fixes for documentation
  • 35 fixes from the Qt 4.7 branch
  • 181 fixes back-ported from the Qt 4.8 branch
  • 19 fixes specifically for Windows
  • 12 fixes specifically for Mac OS X
  • 9 fixes specifically for Linux


A detailed list of the fixes and improvements can be found here.


Digia will provide standard support for Qt Commercial 4.7.5 licensees until December 2013, after which an extended lifetime support is available for those who need it.


The new release is now available via the Qt Commercial Customer portal at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Customer portal or contact form at http://qt.digia.com/contact-us/.

In addition to the Qt Commercial customers, there may be some community projects that benefit from the extended lifeline of the 4.7 series. Nokia has announced that they are not making any more releases to the 4.7 series. We have agreed with Nokia that an open-source version of 4.7.5 will be available as source packages and binary installers via qt.nokia.com in the near future.


Enjoy and download!

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