Qt Day in Florence, Italy - live and kicking

Qt Day, Italy 2012Day one of the Qt Day in Florence, Italy is sold out. The agenda for the day is dedicated to the use of Qt in Italy from a technical as well as business perspective.

Italian business leaders such as Alberto Ciarnello from Telecom Italia and Mario Fumagalli from Mixel have been telling us about why Qt has been a compelling choice for them. We have also heard  Italian Qt developers Easy Digital present their shipping Qt based Set-Top Box, and Qt Partner M31 will be demonstrating its Qt-based automation framework.

The conference is organised by Qt Partners with Develer in the lead cooperating with M31 and Digia and Nokia. The set-up of the event is similar to Qt Developer Days and Qt Developer Conferences with its mixture of technical tracks and Qt-in-use sessions. However, this event in Florence is focused on the local developer ecosystem with over 30 sessions delivered mainly in Italian.

During the morning, Nokia’s Manuel Reverte-Castro, Head of Ecosystem Developer Experience for South Europe, took us through the Qt opportunities in the mobile space, providing various examples of developers and companies that make money with Qt on the Nokia store. Burkhard Stubert, from Nokia, also delivered an engaging keynote session about Qt 5 and the Qt Project, and how you make a good ROI from targeting multiple platforms with Qt.

Digia will present the Qt Commercial roadmap and their focus on enhancing Qt for desktop and embedded development pushing forward features and functions that benefit cross-platform development on non-mobile targets.

Developers at the event can take advantage of a real-time help desk staffed by Qt engineers, learn more about licensing, as well as how to become a Qt Ambassador or to sign up to be a Qt Partner.

Tomorrow will feature even more technical sessions, and a fully-fledged community day. We’ll be bringing highlights of both days to you in the coming days.

To learn more about the event, visit http://www.qtday.it

The event also has its own Twitter account - follow @QtDay on Twitter (event hashtag: #QtDayITA)

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