Qt SDK 1.2 Released

We are happy to announce that a new important update for Qt SDK is published.
This Qt SDK 1.2 update sets a new baseline for the developers for a longer perspective. Some of the features have already been available as online updates, but Qt SDK 1.2 now integrates the very latest tools, most recent mobile build targets for Symbian and Nokia N9, and the still fresh Qt 4.8 for desktops. We have also introduced some improvements to the SDK and its maintenance tool.

As a summary, this is what is new in the Qt SDK:

  •     Fixes for Qt Creator 2.4 in a new 2.4.1 patch update
  •     Qt 4.8 for desktops delivering Qt Quick 1.1, Qt platform abstraction, Qt WebKit 2.2, and threaded OpenGL. See Sinan's blog post for more details.
  •     More Qt Mobility examples for Nokia N9 and Symbian devices
  •     Ability to specify network proxy setting in the SDK Maintenance Tool
  •     Update to the Symbian Complementary Package introducing Analyze Tool plugin and new CODA 1.0.6 installation package
  •     An update to Notifications API improving the end user experience and fixing issues in the Nokia N9 implementation of the API.

If you already have Qt SDK installed, you can update to the latest version by running Update Qt SDK from the Qt SDK application folder on your computer. If you first time are getting started with Qt SDK, you can download 1.2 from our download page.

If you encounter problems, please file a bug report at http://bugreports.qt-project.org.

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